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In the Matrix, Morpheus, a leader of the movement to save the world from the matrix, talks about human beings being born into bondage.

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His first reaction is to return to the cave, which is familiar and safe to him.

The matrix also provides a safe haven to those facing reality, because it is all they have known.

Where everything they do, see, and how they react to this imagery, is part of the program.

The matrix controlling a person’s action and way of thinking, such as in The Cave.

People in the matrix only see what the machines show, making it difficult to wake up from a continuous dream show, trapped in an illusional world unable to break free. Through much effort, Plato's freed man escapes, only to face a life of confusion and fear.

With the matrix, most die trying to escape from it, but once free are just as confused as Plato’s freed man.

Just like the relationship shared between a mother and daughter is considered to be divine, so also is the relationship shared between a father and son.

Some relationships we come across in our daily lives are sweet but unfortunately, certain relationships are not so lucky and…

The Hunger games was not meant to be a glossy story of love ala “Twilight”…

This study highlights that America, or the New world, has always been described as the land of opportunity, where fame and fortune beckons one and all, irrespective of class, creed or colour.


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