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Maybe you measured people’s level of extraversion (outgoingness) in a sample of 100 adults.

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The Method section describes the methods by which you collected your data. You might have a lot to say when it comes to your results!

This said, always remember that your audience is a person who has limited time and who probably cares about your research way less than you do.

If you’re a student of mine, you know that I’d much rather talk about actual content than about the details of APA style now. At its core, APA style is a set of guidelines that pertain to manuscripts in scientific psychology that are submitted to journal editors for publication consideration.

This said, I do think that mastering APA style is important (even if I’m fuzzy on a rule here or there! In other words, this is a format that a paper should be in when you want someone who runs an academic journal to publish your work as an article.

APA style is the formal writing style that is endorsed by the APA (American Psychological Association). Back when I was a student, I remember thinking that APA style was arbitrary.

It’s got lots of rules (e.g., within a parenthetical citation, use an ampersand (&), but outside a parenthetical, use the word “and” in between the names of authors). From the title page to the final concluding sentence. Who cares if I didn’t put the year of the publication in the in-text citation? Why does it matter if the term “Abstract” at the start of the abstract is not centered? Years later, I’ve had something of a change of heart when it comes to APA style.

Imagine a journal editor who receives 200 manuscripts to review in a given year.

But that same editor's journal only has space to publish 40 articles in a year. In the field of academic publishing in psychology, I can tell you this: Basic APA formatting is screen number one.

So, as is always the case, be in writing your Results section. Do your findings match past findings on this topic? Were there problems and limitations in your data-collection process?

That is, make sure that your writing is streamlined and to the point. Here, you step back and, literally, discuss your results in a broader sense. What is your bottom-line conclusion—why does your research matter? In APA format, you need to then provide a References section.


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