How To Write A Quick Business Plan

For example, you might choose radio advertising, or online pay-per-click ads, or press releases, and so on.

In this section, detail each form of promotions you will use.

Section III - Industry Analysis Your Industry Analysis section has two sub-sections as follows: 3 - Market Overview The Market Overview section discusses the size and characteristics of your market.

For example, if you are a restaurant, you would include the size of the restaurant market, a brief discussion of sectors (e.g., fast food versus fine dining) and market trends.

Include as much demographic data on your target customers as possible, such as their gender, age, salary, geography, marital status and education.

6 - Customer Needs In this section of your business plan, specify why customers want or need your products and/or services.

For example, does your management team have unique competencies? Here you will answer questions such as when and how your organization was formed, what type of legal entity you are, and accomplishments to date.

Importantly, your past accomplishments are perhaps the best indicator of potential future success, so be sure to identify and include all key milestones your company has achieved to date.

Section I - Executive Summary 1 - Executive Summary The Executive Summary is the most important part of your business plan.

Because if it doesn’t interest readers, they’ll never even get to the rest of your plan. Finally, include a synopsis of your financial projections in your Executive Summary.


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