How To Write A Diagnostic Essay

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This will be done in brief and with a major focus on the main three aspects discussed in the body paragraphs.

This will be done in brief and with a major focus on the main three aspects discussed in the body paragraphs.In the aforementioned example, the student can identify the mental, financial, and physical effort and highlight the connection briefly.As diagnostic essays have tight timeframes, it is of utmost importance that the writer makes the conclusion brief and ties it to the expected reply to the prompt.

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The third paragraph can also briefly touch on the other key reasons or factors which, although not critical to the prompt’s reply, have a significant impact on the bearing of the writer’s life.

The third paragraph will give the third most important idea addressing the prompt.

In the aforementioned example, the writer can weigh among all other remaining reasons and identify the strongest.

A good diagnostic essay has an effective conclusion.

The conclusion will restate the key points identified in the introduction as well as in the thesis statement.


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