How To Choose A Dissertation Topic

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Factor in time well before you need to submit your proposal to research the various topics you’re interested in, and you’ll probably quickly find out whether there are enough resources out there to allow you to expand on your ideas and to support (or contrast with) your position.It’s easy to ‘fall in love’ with a topic or subject early on in your research, making you blind to all its weaknesses.

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I have four pieces of advice to offer that I hope you follow, plus a tidbit that is not mandatory.

You’ve probably heard a gazillion times that new research should “push the envelope,” but I’d bet that the likelihood that you had a clear explanation of what that means has not been given to you.

Test pilots were encouraged to push the envelope in order to test the aircraft, and the phrase made it to the common lexicon in Tom Wolfe’s 1979 book about test pilots, The Right Stuff.

) Envision the whole of sociological knowledge as contained in one big dataset, complete with keywords and subject headings.

Surely, you would contribute something to the dataset that would ostensibly fit under a subject heading, and possibly a set of existing keywords, but to push the envelope your topic should meet meet three criteria.

Honestly, you need only come up with a question that, when answered, would shed new light on what others have done before – but the idea is for that new light to truly have us look at things in a whole new way.Either way, trust us; your motivation for your dissertation will be much easier to maintain if you have passion for the subject area.Choosing a subject that might also benefit your future career is something that our tutors here at University of Essex Online would definitely recommend; it will give you greater understanding of an in-depth area of your business while also giving you an additional strength when writing a future job application statement.The bad news is that all this can make choosing a dissertation topic pretty overwhelming.The good news is that I try to make the process somewhat easier by explaining to you how you might get started and avoid certain pitfalls.Regardless of whether you’re earning your doctorate at an online university or in a more traditional academic setting, one of the first—and most important—steps in the dissertation process is selecting a topic.“You can’t do anything else until you figure out the basic focus,” says Dr. Getsch who chose online learning and earned her Ph D in Psychology from Walden University.Your doctoral degree program culminates in a dissertation if you’re working toward an academic doctorate, or a doctoral study if you’re going for a professional doctorate degree.Both approaches are designed to bring new information to light through real-world research that addresses an actual problem in your field of interest.Each sentence should contribute to the construction of the research or argument and the overall piece must follow a clear structure.Choosing an idea that is too broad may make it impossible to explore the topic fully in the word count allowed, and can make it extremely difficult to draw concise conclusions.


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