Harald Grosskopf Synthesist 2010

I liked his kind of drumming, he doesn’t play natural drums and doesn’t use those crazy boom-boom-boom drums from a computer, he plays a special electronic kit with sticks on plates.He doesn’t use the pure electronic sounds, he changes them via Ableton with his special effects…

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It was two old guys making music for fun, but then a label heard it and other people liked it very much.

So we did a British tour which was a big success, we will be going to Stockholm and next year, we play in China. Both you and Harald Grosskopf have a lot of history in German electronic music, Harald was in ASHRA and released a great solo debut in ‘Synthesist’, had you been aware of his previous work? Me and Florian Schneider were the originators of KRAFTWERK, one year later Herr Hütter came into the band and now he is the only man who makes it exist, he gets a lot of money out of it because he is a businessman.

they stand there like roboters and the music comes programmed from the computer, I do not like this.

When I played in KRAFTWERK in 1971 and the years before, we used techniques between man and machine but there was a lot of freestyle, everyone could play.

He is a real musician and he wanted to make music, he doesn’t want to stand on a stage with the sounds coming from the computer So how do you make technology work for you in KRAUTWERK?

There is a difference between Harald and me; Harald works very much with technology and computers.

He was so great that he even turned down David Bowie and U2.

He was very honest, he didn’t want to work with them.

He was very clear and only wanted to make music with people he liked… There was a lot of love between him and the musicians, it was so wonderful to work with him, he had a good gut feeling about people.

I was the person in the background that put him in contact with KRAFTWERK and NEU!


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