Happiness Essay Writing

People who run after these things are often left unsatisfied.

Some realize sooner than others that real contentment cannot be obtained through having lots of money.

The way these people reason is that money will ultimately buy them things that bring them pleasure.

It will also win them the approval of others and perhaps even lead them to more choice in partnerships and friendships.

So if you are searching for happiness, consider social work with orphans or the homeless.

Consider giving your time or your money to helping those who cannot help themselves.

Learning to let go of material goods is one of the most liberating experiences a person can have.

People who give are often the type of people who get given more ability to give.

Happiness is understood as a state of lasting satisfaction from a particular experience.

It accompanies every moment of human life and represents the highest value. Royzman note that there are three theories of happiness: hedonism, desire, objective list, and authentic happiness (Seligman & Royzman).


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