Gone With The Wind Theme Essay

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Even after Union soldiers had damaged Tara, her beloved plantation, Scarlett only worries about finding someone to marry so she can have access to his money.She stops at nothing to get what she wants and even goes as far as stealing her sister’s wealthy boyfriend.

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Yet, I also began to think beyond the character of Scarlett O’Hara and the people around her who weren’t given nearly as much of a voice: her slaves.

The book clearly presents a romantic view of the Old South and also unfortunately glorifies slavery.

Since much of the movie takes place during the Civil War, one of the main themes is how the South and the Southern culture are transformed into more Northern ways after the war.

One way that this change is shown in the movie is through death.

I fell in love with Scarlett O’Hara: men wanted her and women wanted to be her.

Nothing stood in her way: not Yankees, not Carpetbaggers, and certainly not that “scallywag” Rhett Butler.

Ironically, neither do any of the other slave characters.

The novel also engages with the issue of slavery in other respects.

Mammy’s victories over Scarlett were hard-won and represented guile unknown to the white mind.” The other slaves in the book are not nearly as bold as Mammy and would never dream of standing up to the O’Haras.

This difference is most likely due to the faux-maternal relationship Mammy has with the family, and Mitchell implies that Mammy can boss the family around and get away with it, even though she is considered to be an object.


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