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She has been kept alive by her mother, and, when her mother dies, is brought before the Council of Guardians by Vandara, one of the women who seeks to take her land.Kira's life is spared when she proves she can weave and embroider very well, and she is asked to take up the task of fixing up the robe worn by the Singer whose only job is the presentation of the Song, the story of human civilization, bed to make every color, except for blue.

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Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry is the second book in a quartet that includes The Giver and deals with similar themes (a society that discards the weak).

It contains Common Core connections and resources to use in your classroom.

Kira's one desire is to find woad, the plant that will allow her to make blue thread, the one colour lacking in the spectrum available to her.

Still, there is something that is not quite right with the situation, and soon Kira cannot avoid the truth.

Instead, she will remain under the protection of the Guardians, and her only task will be to mend, maintain and eventually further embellish the robe of the Singer, the individual who sings annually the history of her people. She is comfortably housed, well-fed, clean and safe. She has friends as well: Matt, a scruffy boy from the Fen, a poverty-stricken area, who visits with his dog, Branch, and Thomas, a boy Kira's age who also lives under the care of the Guardians.

Thomas as an exquisite carver, and he is assigned to work on the Singer's staff.Kira's one desire is to find woad, the plant that will allow her to make blue thread, the one color lacking in the spectrum available to her.When the day that the Singer sings the Song comes, Matt is nowhere to be found.Eventually, during the end of the book Matt tells Kira about a boy with blue eyes from the community Christopher is from.He says he has blue eyes and is not injured in any way, and that Matt thinks Kira should get married with him, but Kira declines to go with them to the new village.While the society she portrays is stifling and at times ugly, Lowry plants a seed of hope that may or may not flourish.Certainly, a comparison to contemporary society could stimulative thought-provoking discussions among readers of all ages. In other words, what do we learn from his character—including his friendship with Kira, his bond with his dog, and his willingness to travel so far from home to find the blue that Kira needs? Comparatively analyze Katrina and Vandara, focusing specifically on how each approaches motherhood. Why is she the kind of person who could change the course of history? What kind of “messages” does he carry in Gathering Blue?She begins to understand that there is more to her talent than a simple flair for embroidery, and she begins to detect the common thread that binds her and the others for good or ill.She faces a tremendous decision, the outcome of which will leave an impact on her world, no matter how she chooses.


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