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Therefore, it is an important movie, not only showing what has happened to the world but also the lone soldier inside himself, as he is supposed to return home to civilization and become a functioning part of society again.

The Vietnam War was on everyone's mind in 1960s and 1970s in our country.

It is a gritty look at what the soldiers endured while serving their country.

The men in the platoon come from all walks of life and all...

There are no defined battle lines and the combat scenes lead you to believe that the enemy is everywhere.

The line between good and evil is blurred or nonexistent in this film.

Death is an interesting concept, as wars are generally speaking, trying to kill as many as possible of the opposite force.

This was very interesting, as in the platoon Taylor is put in, they also try killing civilians and each other.

Rhetorical Analysis of "Platoon"A Vietnam veteran in Oliver Stone directed the movie Platoon.

His first-hand experience of the war allowed him to tell a different story then most war movies. Joe: Retaliation." The film "Step Up 2" has grossed more than fifteen million dollars while its budget was just twenty-two millions; as a result, it surpassed the original movie and was quite successful.


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