Essays On Obesity And Fast Food

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Since the late 1970s, notes the Anchorage Daily News, "fast food consumption has risen over 15%.

While Americans used to consume fast food for about only 17% of their meals, that number has now skyrocketed to 32%." The sharp increase in consumption of fast food since the 1970s can be attributed to the aggressive advertising campaigns of the fast food industry.

At a national level our social marketing campaigns and sugar, salt and calorie reduction of every day foods can make an impact, but just as important are local approaches which discourage sedentary behaviour and reduce easy access to calorie-dense food.

PHE briefings like ‘Regulating the growth of fast food outlets’, ‘Active travel’ and the Town and Country Planning Association's ‘Planning Healthy Weight Environments’ resource are designed to prompt local action, and our ‘whole systems’ work with Leeds Becket University is looking at new interventions and solutions.So if we’re going to reduce obesity – a leading cause of ill health and premature death – we can’t ignore the environments that impact on the food choices we make.In a new piece of research we’ve analysed ‘fast food’, covering a range of takeaway outlets like burger bars, kebab and chip shops and sandwich shops.Added to that, obese children living in more deprived areas are on average heavier, given their height, than obese children in less deprived areas.Obesity is a complex problem that requires action across society including the food and drink industry, local and national government and the voluntary sector.With all the activity encompassed within these hours, many aspects of life are neglected.One of these aspects--the most important and vital one, in fact-- is self-nourishment.We found that the density of fast food outlets in local authorities varies across England ranging from 24 to 199 outlets per 100,000 population, most being independent companies with only one or two outlets.Presenting this information is important because there’s a growing body of evidence on the association between exposure to fast food outlets and obesity, despite some studies showing conflicting results.Nowadays, there are heated debates concerning its influence on poor eating habits and obesity problems.Mc Donald’s officials deny the fact that their food is the major cause of these health problems and claim that their fast food can become a part of a healthy diet.


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