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Feminism is a social perspective dedicated to equality and equal rights between both sexes, male and female.

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The feminist movement has undergone three waves in the past century, changing the face of the human race as we know it.

It has changed social norms and shifted the norms and stereotypes of typical gender inequality that is embedded in daily practices.

It can lead to higher rates of barrier and chemical contraceptive use (and a lower level of sexually transmitted infections among women and their partners and children), and can increase the level of resources available to women who divorce or are in a situation of domestic violence.

It has been shown, in addition, to increase women's communication with their partners and their employers, and to improve rates of civic participation such as voting or the holding of office.

Women also often face what is known as a ‘glass ceiling’ many times when it comes to promotions. ...example of how the media abuses the female body that is supposed to be the epitome of beauty but instead objectified.

This is apparent when you examine the lack of women in le... It is rare to see on any source of media, women portrayed as bright, intelligent and inspiring.

For centuries, men have had a greater amount of rights and privileges as oppose to women.

The US census recently updated their statistics stating that women earn 77 percent of what men earn and for the same amount of work.

In Pakistan, a negative relationship was found between the formal level of education a woman attains and the likelihood of violence against that woman (After, 2013).

The researcher used snowball convenient sampling, a sampling method where participants are referred.


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