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This ideology still exists in some form today, although the arts are beginning to be recognised as an integral part of our everyday and working lives.

Many drama practitioners and educators consider the arts to be a growing power within the economy, and that drama has benefits to society, culture, and a person’s inner development.

Four plays which have been selected from Greek, Elizabethan, Restoration and Modern times can be analysed to show and represent the changes of drama.

These plays are “ Oedipus the King';, “ Macbeth';, “ The Way of the World'; and “ A Doll’s House';.

In this way, common communal issues are brought to the forefront bringing those who participate as actors or audience members into the "socio-political arena" (oehm & oehm, 2003). Community theatre as a means of empowerment in social work: A case study of women's community theatre. GARY: Inmate at Phoenix Prison Complex, serving 15 years for assault and battery. He mentors her in her music through the mirror of her dressing room until she falls in love with a man named Raul. Live Theater's Financial Struggles Live theater is one of the most enduring art forms.

Critique In oehm and oehm's 1993 article, "Community Theatre as a Means of Empowerment in Social Work: A Case Study of Women's Community Theatre," the authors posit the…… ANGELA: Kitchen worker, 30-year-old female RAY: Corrections officer, 28-year-old male Scene 1: Pizza Night TOM: Tonight's the night. Erik, the phantom, tries to steal her away forever, but only after Christine takes the starring role in the opera he has been writing for the stage for many years. In older times, traveling troops performed at different locations, providing one of the more consistent forms of entertainment through much of history.

The staging of Elizabethan theatre was situated at places like the globe in London where the audience was seated around three sides of a platform projected into their midst. It was by this type of stage that enabled a closer, more personal feel between the actors and audience.

Theater of the Opressed History of Theatre of the Oppressed: Critique of the Community Theatre as a Means of Empowerment in Social Work: A Case Study of Women's Community Theatre Similar to institutional and professional theatre, community theatre uses a combination of mime, ritual dance, song and drama as a means of communicating messages, knowledge and ideology to the audience (Mulenga, 1993). It is after hours, and only a skeleton crew is on hand: RAY and ANGELA. Stages and performers and costumes have constantly changed in theater during the ages, but its role in educating people hasn't. Researchers into the period agree that the theater was a major source of entertainment for all of the different groups, but they do not agree how that was structured. "Shakespeare's Elizabethan Audience." Amalgam 2 (2007). One of the several aspects of a dramatic work that is enhanced by watching a play is humor.

At the end of the play, he allows Christine to live her own life and leaves the theater. Eventually, cities and larger towns began building buildings that were devoted to players, and theater became a common form of entertainment.

Since this play has been running for so long, much of the cast's chorus is seasoned, and all of…… However, as movies became popular, the theater began to lose its common appeal.


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