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These Essays are written in very simple and easy language using very easy words. Such essays may help and motivate students to know about the Indian cultures, heritages, monuments, famous places, importance of teachers, mothers, animals, traditional festivals, events, occasions, famous personalities, legends, social issues and so many other topics.

We have provided very unique and general topics essay which are generally assigned to students in the school.

In members' homes You may want to take your club out of the classroom in order to make it feel less academic and more social.

If you decide to operate your club from a personal home, try to find more than one person who is willing to host the meetings.

Use what you learn An English Club is a place for language learners to use English in a casual setting.

Practising your skills in the classroom is important, but it is not like real life.

Make English-speaking friends Starting an English Club is a great way to make new lasting friendships.

It is important to have good ESL friends because your confidence will increase if you do.

This is also a convenient location because some or all of the members will already be in the school and will have no excuses for missing a club meeting.

You will also have access to materials and television equipment.


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