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The alienation of consciousness from the unconscious of Macbeth’s ambition is expressed in the form of hideous witches, symbolizing his desires.As a result, of "the emotional reconfiguration of consciousness" Macbeth becomes completely indifferent to his ambitions and to the crown.It was said to many of us that personal ambitions never lead to good. People with high developed ambitions more often reach something in life.

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Psychologists say that ambitions that person has now are laid in childhood. An adequate ambition gives an appropriate reaction on positive achievements.I want to write about it in my Macbeth ambition essay."Macbeth" is the story of a fearless warrior and a charismatic commander, who was ruined by unbridled ambition and desires.These radical reassessments of the meaning of life are expressed in a powerful monologue of Macbeth.Emotionally this monologue talks about the despair, about the collapse of the projection.An adequate ambitious person sets realistic goals and successfully reaches them.They are always happy to hear the opinions of others and have a sober assessment of the situation.An ambitious man is a person with a heightened vanity and with too high aims. If you are an ambitious person, then you don’t need too much of extra stimulation.For business personal ambitions are an indispensable quality, especially if we are talking about management.The insight of Macbeth indicates that "I" is "the aspect of personality that puts an end to all projections." Macbeth is often described as a madman who in the end of the play seeks to meet his own death.Would we say that he is a hero who has made the painful path of transformation of consciousness?


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