Essay On Values Of S And Sports In Our Life

All the above reasons show how sport and games are an integral part of the education system and must be incorporated in every school.

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He/she must be patient, disciplined which will enable the student to cope with criticism and setbacks.

Each sport has a set of rules and regulations to be followed which helps the students to stay fit and disciplined.

which gives an individual a sense of identity and belonging to a group.

Such sports encourage children to showcase their talent and communicate with their team members.

Outdoor sports like football, cricket, tennis, swimming, running, etc, keeps the body and mind active and engaged.

Indoor games like chess, badminton, and table tennis enhance the concentration level of the student.

It enhances their capabilities and helps them to have a better understanding of themselves.

Sports also help in developing social skills and getting along with people.

They learn to interact not only with children of their age but also with adults like their coaches and seniors.

Additionally, children acquire decision-making skills through various team activities.


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