Essay On The Theory Of The Earth Cuvier

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When Napoleon came to power Cuvier was appointed to several government positions, including State Councillor and Inspector-General of public education.

After the restoration of the monarchy Cuvier still managed to preserve his status. Cuvier had a deep abhorrence against a popularization or democratization of scientific knowledge.

In his (1813) Cuvier proposed that new species were created after periodic catastrophic floods.

His study of the Paris basin with Alexandre Brongniart established the basic principles of biostratigraphy. Le Règne Animal Distribué d'après son Organisation, pour Servir de Base à l'Histoire Naturelle des Animaux et d'Introduction à l'Anatomie Comparée.

He was then a tutor for a noble family in Normandy.

Here he first began to establish a reputation as a naturalist.For Cuvier, it was function- not hypothetical relationships, that should form the basis of classification.This issue, which obviously could support or contradict a theory of evolution, was part of the famous Cuvier/Geoffroy debate in 1830.Cuvier was born on 23 August 1769, at Montbéliard, a French-speaking community in the Jura Mountains then rule by the Duke of Württemberg.Cuvier went to school at the Carolinian Academy in Stuttgart from 1784 to 1788.At the suggestion of Boisseree, he occupied himself with deeper inquiries into the laws of the rainbow; and also, from sympathy with the dispute between Cuvier and St. Hilaire, with subjects referring to the metamorphoses of the plant and animal world. Cuvier arranged both fossils and living species in this taxonomy.Cuvier convinced his contemporaries that extinction was a fact- what had been a controversial speculation before.His work is considered the foundation of vertebrate palaeontology.Cuvier expanded Linneaun taxonomy by grouping classes into phyla.


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