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I feel like the entire world is smiling when I am with them.They love me because I am playful and give them their share in the conversation to express their opinions and ideas.

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One of them being that US has a diverse populations: refugees, immigrants, and others.Therefore, I would benefit from getting externships where I can interact with diverse populations.It is like a ripple effect where the positive change in the life of someone continuous to spread to an enormous result of improving the life of the community of that individual.I will be serving in a hospital, school, or private clinic, but always seeking out and putting priority attention on those who most need my help.Earning the Master’s Degree in Speech/Language Pathology will provide me with the preparation that I need to excel as an SLP therapist, developing long term relationships with special needs children and their families, children that suffer from ADHD, autism, or another disorder that results in communication difficulties.I see SLP as a bridge between medical etiologies and rehabilitation services and that is what makes this field so uniquely exciting and so special. This tragedy impacted the development of my country and thus today there are many adults and children who need SLP services but unfortunately because of the shortage in professionals that are eligible to provide these services, those adults and children do not receive adequate attention.The awareness of these services is growing as much as the need to receive services is growing.The population we serve at the clinic is so diverse.We lack standardized resources that are tested on an Arabic speaking but diverse background populations.Due to the shortage of services in speech-language pathology in Kuwait, information about the field is hard to come by.As I researched and studied more about communication disorders and the impact on people’s lives, my interest and passion continued to bloom.


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