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Applicants from well-off families, however, can afford better ways to break the rules: they can summon “master artists” who dish up not plagiarized essays but original ones custom-written for applicants for a fee that may run into six figures.

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Software that warns applicants and students about parts of their essays that may be seen as plagiarized is also available, “essentially arming both sides in the plagiarism war,” according to an FT article.

College admissions officials quite unsparingly reject applicants on strong evidence of plagiarism.

After mentioning your source and giving the proper citation, you could proceed to support or refute the original author’s idea or add to it with your own thoughts and findings. But you need not panic over every sentence, thinking it will be marked as plagiarized, although it isn’t.

As long as you provide citation to everything that you mention that is not common knowledge (“the sky is blue” doesn’t need a citation), as long as you put quotation marks around someone’s exact words, as long as you used your own words for text outside quotation marks, you’re not guilty of plagiarism.

This makes the evaluator wonder: Could this essay have been written by this applicant given his/her previous academic performance and academic record?

Could this introduction and conclusion have really been written by this student?

Poor writers also tend to ramble or, in some cases, write too little. If an essay suddenly starts to sound deep and incisive, they guess what’s going on.

Some of them make up daft phrases or repeat themselves, “This article is written by . After a few inane paragraphs, some essays suddenly shift gears.

They are immediately suspicious when this data doesn’t show the applicant as the user. Bush” or “the Soviets have recently made this discovery . A few expose themselves by shifting between US and British spellings.

Changes in the font, type size, type style (italics, bold, underline), and formatting (spacing, margin) are complete giveaways and quickly alert essay evaluators. Changes in voice or tense and shift to first person are also warnings signs—for example, when an applicant suddenly starts writing in first person, “after many years as a physician, I find that . Professors can identify essays that were bought and used or recycled.


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