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The speaker uses exclamation points at the end of dialogue and short, sharp sentences that put you on the edge of your seat.You see that it was a shock to "Them"- the boy's family.The speaker uses suspense to describe what happens next with words such as the saw "leaped out of the boy's hand", "swung toward them", and "his first outcry was a rueful laugh". The speaker through telling this story makes you think about how fragile everyone's life really is and can be taken away at the most unexpected moment.

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They took his pulse, and then listened to his heart as if to make sure of what was truly happening.

A very important part of the poem lies in its ending.

to please the boy by giving him the half hour that a boy counts so much when saved from work" depicts strong emotion of regret, because if they had ended work a half hour earlier then the boy may not have died.

It creates a sense of irony in the turn of events because the boy's sister comes outside to call him and the speaker in for supper, and in doing this distracts the boy from his saw which cuts off his hand and actually ends up killing him.

The poem grows more somber as the speaker starts to reveal a feeling of regret.

The phrase "Call it a day, I wish they would have said...The use of personification serves to liken the saw to a dog or some creature possessed.This line is in contrast to the next four, which are more sensual with soft alliteration in ‘made dust and dropped’ and sibilant ‘s’ sounds in ‘stove-length sticks’.Frost uses this dramatic take on a chain of events to guide you through a series of emotions as the poem develops.The first thing I noticed in reading the poem was the calm and serene atmosphere that the speaker was describing.The title is taken from Macbeth’s soliloquy ‘ brief candle’ in which he ponders the brevity and pointlessness of life.An ominous tone is created by the first line of the poem with the cacophonous sound of the buzz saw, as it ‘snarled and rattled’ in the yard.This narrative poem is set in one long stanza, written in unrhymed iambic pentameter.In the absence of any formal rhyme scheme, some rhyme can still be identified in the repetition of the words ‘saw’, ‘hand’ and ‘boy’ which are emphasised throughout."The buzz saw snarled and rattled" in the first line depicts ferocity as if he was trying to foreshadow the saw's role in the poem.The speaker goes on to describe a nostalgic, happy scene in the country, on a homestead in the mountains of Vermont.


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