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Homework limits the time students can spend on leisure time and community activities that can impart important lessons, both academic and nonacademic.Students are so busy doing their homework that they don't have enough free time to relax.

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Satiation, denial of leisure time and community activities, parental interference, and cheating are the negative effects from excessive amount of homework.

They can affect the well being of students, which can bring down their happiness, comfort and motivation.

Too much homework can also lead to undesirable behavi...

One benefit of homework is that it helps the student develop essential skills.

The negative effects on students due to excessive amount of homework are satiation, denial of leisure time and activities, parental interference and cheating.

Requiring students to devote too much time to a subject can result in the student's lost of interest in academic material.Other educators disagree with this and say the time spent at school is not enough so homework has to be given.Studies have shown that homework is important for the students because it can create good study habits and positive attitude towards learning as they grow older.Too much homework also generates physical and emotional exhaustion.This can explain their denied access to free time and other extra-curricular activities.Homework can improve the study habits of a student.This means that the student can create a good time management at home.Relating what they know will enhance their creativity and let them see behind the lines of how everything connects.Another benefit of homework is that engaging in homework encourages creativity.Most students groan when they hear their teachers assigning homework.When I was a kid I do not like having homework because it takes up my playing and television time.


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