Essay On Global Climate Change And Its Impact

Essay On Global Climate Change And Its Impact-39
Most studies are focused on higher organizational levels and for very few species.Climate change resulted in a phenological shift in flowering plants along with insect pollinators which creates a mismatch between the plant and its pollinator population.

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Biodiversity response Because of the climate change, species might not be able to adapt to the new environmental conditions and might fall outside its climatic niche.

There should be an equally adaptive response by the species and individuals in order to survive.

It important to identify and understand the relation between the various life forms on the planet to find solutions to scientific challenges.

It has been established that there is a connection between biodiversity and climate change.

While the climate has always been changing throughout the history of earth and species have changed accordingly, now we are facing a rapid climate change and this affects the ability of the species to adapt. The rapid change in climate and the resulting accelerating loss of biodiversity can pose human security issues as there can be changes in the food chain and water sources.

Some medicines might become harder to obtain because the fauna from which the chemicals are derived might disappear.Biodiversity loss Climate change threatens several species with a possibility of extinction.Almost a quarter of the species present on land today might disappear by the year 2050.This has resulted in the extinction of the plant as well as the pollinator.For example, bees are disappearing and soon might become extinct if some steps are not taken.Studies by IPCC state that if the present trends of consuming fossil fuels continue, by 2100, the surface of the Earth will become warmer by 11 Fahrenheit.It is difficult to predict how most ecosystems will respond to extreme warming, but the results can be assumed to be catastrophic.Predicting the future Our studies of the impact of climate change on global biodiversity are insufficient and inconclusive.However, there are enough studies to raise some serious concerns for the survival and future of global biodiversity.Both aerosols and greenhouse gasses result in the altering of solar radiation and infrared radiation.This, in turn, distorts the energy balance of the Earth, thus leading to excess heating or cooling of the planet.


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