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In the past decade, improvements in ultrasound technology have made the humanity of life in the womb more obvious and worthier of our empathy.The horrors of Kermit Gosnell exposed the lurid side of abortion clinics and the dangers abortion poses to women.public health insurance — people often retreat to their tribal corners.

Gene Sperling has been the common denominator of Democratic economic policymaking over the past three decades.

After joining Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, he spent eight years working in the Clinton White House and, later, five years in the Obama administration.

Name a major Democratic policy push related to the economy — anti-poverty programs, taxes, health care — and Sperling has been involved.

Yesterday, he published an essay in the journal Democracy reflecting on the single biggest lesson he’s learned.

Barack Obama changed this course, funding and advocating such research, even as alternative sources of human of stem cells continued to develop.

But it’s not only embryos, children at the very earliest stages of development, whose bodies have been used for research.

Trump has violated his oath of office and almost certainly broken the law.

Congress’s goal shouldn’t be impeachment for the sake of impeachment. David Leonhardt is a former Washington bureau chief for the Times, and was the founding editor of The Upshot and head of The 2020 Project, on the future of the Times newsroom.

The debate has continued into the Trump administration, whose Department of Health and Human Services recently announced that it will review all medical research involving fetal tissue.

American ethical debates depend primarily on empathy with others and preventing them from suffering harm.


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