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However, it was not long before rancour and acrimony crept into the confraternity, and began to threaten the unity of this family.

In what he alleged as violations of the confraternity’s creed, and what others claimed as his expulsion from the Pyrates, Dr.

Pyrates confraternity Formed in 1952 at the University College, Ibadan.

Eiye confraternity Formed in 1965 at the University of Ibadan.

( was reported on March 14, 2016 that two students of Abia State University were beheaded as rival cult groups clashed on campus.( 2014, At the Ambrose Alli University One Student was shot dead during a clash by rival cult groups.

(https:// 2017, An inter-rival cult clash between members of Vikings and Buccaneer at the Ebonyi state University left a Final year student dead ( these point to how disastrous Cultism canbe be and why urgent steps need to be taken to curb the menace.Secret cult members pledge their allegiance to the cult, devoting themselves under oath to support and carryout the activities of the group without objection. Holding meetings in unconventional places such as cementries, forests, river sides etc.9. CULTISM IN NIGERIAN SCHOOLSCultism in Nigerian schools dates back to when Wole Soyinka and a group of six freinds formed the pyrate confraternity at the University College, Ibadan.Cultism is one of the major vices confronting the Nigerian educational sector today. According to the founder of the group, the group was formed to advocate against the discrimination and oppression of poor and disadvantaged members of the society.Secret fraternities, sororities, and The fraternity, which started in the then University College Ibadan, nicknamed Jolly Roger 1, was set out to fight among other perceived ills: moribund convention, neo-colonialism, and tribalism and at the same time, defend humanistic ideals, while promoting comradeship and chivalry amongst its members (Oguntuase, 1999).It blossomed in the sixties, and began to spread its tentacles and Decks to other higher institutions in the country.By the 1980s, there was cult explosion in higher institutions throughout the country.The following are some of the common cult groups identified in Nigeria and the year they were formed.Buccanneers confraternity formed in 1972 at the University of Benin.Neo-black movement () formed in 1983 at the University of Benin Eternal fraternal order of the legion consortium formed in 1983 at the University of Calabar Supreme Vikings confraternity formed in 1984 at the University of Calabar OUTBREAK OF VIOLENCEThe emergence of different cult groups led to the introduction of violence as a key component of cult activities.REASONS WHY STUDENTS JOIN CULT GROUPSThere are many reasons why students join cults, the following are some of the reasons:1.Quest for power: Many students want to feel superior and more powerful than other students, so they join cult groups to give themselves this false feeling of superiority.2.


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