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Computer software bought in stores have been know to carry viruses. In September of 1996, the September edition of Microsoft SPCD has a file infected with a virus called "Wazzu". It is noted, by Microsoft records , that over 2 million of the infected CD's were sold.

The CD's were replaced on a recall from Microsoft, however: this aided the spread of the Wazzu Virus. with Garbage: As a virus reproduces, it takes up space.

Then the user cannot use the keyboard to input any data.

People are often telling me I am paranoid of viruses. When it comes to securing your system from viruses, trust no one, not even your mother-when you change disks with her, that is.

Viruses can mutate and thus cannot clearly be diagnosed.

Virus program can modify themselves & possibly escape detection this way. One way is, if the virus is a file infecting virus, when you run a file infected with that virus.Infected cells aren't infected more than once by the same cell. This particular kind of virus can only infect if YOU run the program!This virus targets COM and EXE files, but have also been found in other executable files.Thank god for the invention of Anti-Virus Software.Anti-Virus Software is a program that can protect your PC from a virus. However, there are thousands of viruses in existence.A virus can be annoying or it can cost you lots of cold hard cash. Comparing Biological Viruses & Human Viruses Human Virus Effects Computer Virus Effects Attack specific body cells' Attack specific programs (*.com,*.exe) Modify the genetic information of a cell other than previous one. Not all cells with which the virus contact are infected.A virus is just another name for a class of programs. The only distinguishing characteristic is the program has ability to reproduce and infect other programs. Program can be made immune against certain viruses.Changing the boot sector could result in the inability of the computer to run. Erase The Whole Hard Drive/ Diskette: A virus can simply format a disk. Normally, the operator or user has to press a few keys.This will cause you to lose all of the data stored on the formatted disk. The virus can do this by sending codes to the operating system. Slowing Things Down: The object of this virus can slow down the running line of a program.Another way viruses infect your system is if they are polymorphic.Polymorphism is where the virus changes itself with every infection so it is harder to find.


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