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Studies have suggested that climate change could be a bigger threat than habitat destruction for the global biodiversity.There are multiple approaches and thus a great variability in projections which makes it difficult to get a clear idea of the global climate change.

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Underwater species also face a huge risk due to climate change.

This is especially true for the species that are sensitive to warm temperatures.

It is important to predict the response of biodiversity to such rapidly changing temperatures.

With the help of accurate predictions, scientists can assess potential risks and take measures to avoid any negative consequences.

It is not difficult to foresee several ecological problems looming ahead if the current trends continue.

While the average land temperature has risen, it has resulted in the melting of polar ice caps.Studies by IPCC state that if the present trends of consuming fossil fuels continue, by 2100, the surface of the Earth will become warmer by 11 Fahrenheit.It is difficult to predict how most ecosystems will respond to extreme warming, but the results can be assumed to be catastrophic.Water sources might become scanty and this will affect all species on the planet.It’s important to study how different species will be affected by global warming.Effects and responses There are multiple components of climate change and they are presumed to affect biodiversity on all levels – from organism to biome.At the most basic level, climate change will be able to reduce the genetic range of populations due to rapid migration and directional selection.This short essay is written by one of academic writers who work for https:// writing company.Biodiversity includes the various types of life forms. On a low level, one can study the subject in a closed system such as a pond and on a high level, different species on the planet can be considered.Most studies are focused on higher organizational levels and for very few species.Climate change resulted in a phenological shift in flowering plants along with insect pollinators which creates a mismatch between the plant and its pollinator population.


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