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We will usually eat dinner together and have a catch up about our days/what we plan to do in the week.After dinner I will speak to my family back home, which I try to do pretty often as I love hearing what they are up to whilst I am away.This speculation has prompted Kahler — who describes herself as “a crim major” on her Twitter account — to post a photo of what seems to be her professor’s reply to the email.

Rather than shying away from the error, Kahler, who is in the second year of her degree at the University of Nebraska, decided to share her shame on social media.

Though Kahler has a humble Twitter following of 765 people, the tweet’s impact has been far greater.

This particular lecture series was to prepare us for the coursework paper so was really important and useful. As I have a college tutorial at 4pm I will just get my notes for the tutorial ready and read over the essay the tutorial will be based on.

This makes me feel more prepared and reminds me of the argument I made.

Thank you very much.” has reached out to both Kahler and her professor but hasn’t heard back.

On Twitter, Kahler says she’s now emailed Yocum a new file, which we assume contains a more vanilla essay title.

am- Arrive back at college where I will probably file some notes away from the last week and tidy my room/do general housework as for me a tidy room most definitely creates a tidy mind. My college, Regents Park, has a daily brew (Monday - Friday) at 11am and 4pm meaning there is free tea and biscuits in the JCR.

This is the perfect time to catch up with friends across college and to see everyone before the busy part of the day begins.

They are also the best place to meet people from other colleges!

12pm - Walk back to college and have lunch: this is usually the best time to check emails and maybe look over a few notes.


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