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On the other hand, according to Newtonian physics, if v = c then h = 1.

Existentialism is a philosophy for the Superman whereby existence precedes essence. Like the Everyman, first came essence then came existence—ie. By failing to respond to my arguments and charges, the government is denying the truth, thereby harming me.

If totalitarianism means the government acts above the law, and if the law includes the laws of nature, then I would argue that the Canadian Government is totalitarian.

In my letter to the Right Honourable Joe Clark of 21 July 2003, I brought criminal charges against Canadian honourables and doctors for treason, totalitarianism, child abuse and the unpardonable sin—which Christ referred to as being the deliberate refusal to follow the argument when seen.

The Divine Right of Kings doctrine asserts that sovereigns are representatives of God and derive their right to rule directly from God.


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