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Be professional, be informative and try to adopt a neutral perspective.For example, if the instructor assigned homework that was designed to get you to analyze and thus better understand the material, complaining that the homework was pointless might not be an effective complaint.

If you are interested in helping your instructors improve on their teaching abilities or simply want to tell them about how you feel, then filling out a course evaluation form is the way to do it.

Although there are no consequences for writing a course evaluation incorrectly, there are definitely good and not so good methods for completing such evaluations.

Peace in the family always relates to good personalities in children and older family members among others.

The negative attributes highlighted in the course include the effect of single parenthood on children, violence in the family most likely led to the fall of the family to factors such as divorce, and divorce affected children even in their adulthood.

The course highlighted many issues, which exist in different families.

I related to some of the factors that I have experienced in my own family.

These included students coming from a family that experienced violence in the past, drug abuse, families affected by issues such as unemployment, extramarital affairs, and divorce.

Some students on the other hand connected well with their well-structured families, which had good values, proper parenting practices, and wealth among others.

Alan Li started writing in 2008 and has seen his work published in newsletters written for the Cecil Street Community Centre in Toronto.

He is a graduate of the finance program at the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Commerce and has additional accreditation from the Canadian Securities Institute.


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