Essay About Understanding Culture Through Language And Literature

Essay About Understanding Culture Through Language And Literature-19
Cultures are maintained from generation to generation and affected by geographical location and history of that nation as well as the interaction of that people over time.Simultaneously, language also develops to meet the need of communication of people.The weak version that linguistic categories (part of speech) and usage influence thought and certain kinds of non-linguistic behaviour.

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In his book Primitive Culture, Edward Tylor (1871) defines culture that “as complex whole which includes knowledge, morals, beliefs, art, law technology and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of the society.

Being human being communicative, interestingly, language reveals much more what we actually speak out, not only a means of communication.

Mendoza-Denton (205) defines “identity to mean the active negotiation of an individual’s relationship with larger social constructs.” It means that identity is reflected in the language we use, our word choices in identifying ourselves as well as in the words we choose not to use. Understanding the nature of the relationship between language and culture is central to the process of learning another language.

It is also a chance for language learners to discover or re-discover and more appreciate his or her identiy.

The Sapir Whorf hypothesis states that the structure of a language influences the ways in which its speakers conceptualize their world or otherwise affects their cognitive processes.

The cultural worldview of a man is presented by the language and reflected through his responses in a specific period of time.It is a good idea to use title such as “Mr” Mrs” or “Dr” along with a family name in a business discussion in some parts of Europe.The first name used without permission is considered direspectful.Defintion of UG of Noam Chomsky (1957) also states that the human brain contains a limited set of rules for organizing language.Language is governed by a set of highly abstract principles that provide parameters which are given particular settings in different languages. Articles in Englis such as “a/an”, “the” or gender of language “mascular”, “feminine” in French maybe appropriate examples for this part.We're sorry, this computer has been flagged for suspicious activity.If you are a member, we ask that you confirm your identity by entering in your email.What are the implications for language teaching and language policy Language policy Language and power CONTENT A.The relationship between language, culture and identity The Sapir – Whorf Hypothesis In linguistics, the Sapir – Whorf Hypothesis states that each language holds an own way to present its meaning that can not be understood by those belong to another language.In this case, interlocutors think much of how to speak to best express their ideas and how to avoid misunderstanding caused by spoken words.For example, in Vietnamese culture, when visiting a newborn baby, we usually say that “she/ he is very ugly” to mean that the baby is so cute.


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