Environmental Pollution Essay

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These ranges from heat waves, wildfires, flooding and prolonged droughts.

According to the researchers, there is low political will to initiate a massive policy to restrict fossils fuels.

Air pollution in the city is associated with various public health concerns.

Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai are leading in the air pollution from industries and plants.

Despite the public underestimation of water and soil contamination, they are also significant public health concerns.

The health effects of consuming dirty water are severe according to Clean Water Act.The transportation industries are the key emitters of greenhouse gas.The second potential contributor is the home energy.Similarly, it will highlight the potential solutions help to restore ecological balance.The greenhouse gas emissions have been the primary contributors to global warming.However, with the modernization and improvement of technology, going electric can help to reduce global warming.Carbon emission creates the smoggy conditions in major cities and towns.Other human activities like ranching may also cause deforestation.However, cattle flatulence is a primary source of methane gas, responsible for short term environmental challenges.Regarding this, certified home energy audit is necessary at the residential home for more efficient energy utilization.Moreover, for the transportation industries, walking or biking is recommended.


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