Endorphins Research Paper

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You do everything possible that any skeptic could think of to show that the hypothesis doesn't work; in spite of that, if it still survives, then you're okay. I'm not talking about 16 experiments-there could have been 2000 experiments.

AT: Is that what happened with your acupuncture-endorphin theory? Sixteen lines mean there were 16 different kinds of experiments that were based on 16 different assumptions.

1996, Vol.2, No.6, p.85-91 Used with permission from Inno Vision Communications Dr.

Pomeranz's scientific achievements include being first to publish that analgesia in acupuncture is mediated by endorphins and that acupuncture accelerates wound healing in shin by activating sympathetic nerve terminals in the skin.

So that one line of evidence, though very compelling, doesn't prove anything.

We got another line of evidence (by asking]: What happens when you block the endorphins?

In testing our acupuncture/endorphin theory, one line [of evidence) was based on measurement of endorphin levels.

Endorphin levels went up, but that could have other meanings. How do you know that it wasn't just stress that raised the endorphins?

I can't tell you the results right now, but I can tell you that it's 10 times worse than anybody thought. Pomeranz: My new passion is this whole issue of why alternative medicine. As I write, I keep telling myself, "If conventional medicine works, why bother with alternative medicine?

" Now, I love conventional medicine -- molecular biology is spectacular in its intellect, one of the great achievements of our lifetime -- but if it works and it's glorious, why do we need alternative medicine?


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