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'Terribly sorry and all that, old chap' they might say, in a friendly but relatively cold voice.A defining element of a psychopath is that they do not and probably cannot empathize with other people.The initial step in developing clinical empathy is to actively listen to the patient ( Davis 2009, p 77).

According to the Webster’s dictionary, empathy is defined as “the projection of one’s own personality into the personality of another in order to understand the person better; ability to share in another’s emotions, thoughts, feelings” (Moore 2006, p 16).The health care worker should show the patient what they understand and make realize the support is provided to them.Demonstrating empathy helps to decrease the feeling of insulated for their disease to the client which is intensely therapeutic.Empathy is usually considered as the capability to put oneself in a situation to understand the emotions, feelings of other people.Nowadays, empathy is considered as an effective skill for communication that is useful for both the health care worker and the client (Ioannidou & Konstantikaki 2008, p 118).In this way they can appear normal whilst simultaneously caring nothing for others.This lack of empathy is one thing that makes a psychopath so dangerous.We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.Good communication between the client and the health care worker is a vital theory within a health care setting.Empathy Feeling what others feel | It's not sympathy | It's definitely not psychopathy | It has many benefits | So what Empathy is the ability to not only detect what others feel but also to experience that emotion yourself. If you can read another person's emotions then you can both avoid making a faux pas and also utilize their state to move them in another direction.When people are in emotional states their ability to decide is often significantly impaired.


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