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While it is a means of survival in In conclusion, several of the themes and principles of dystopian societies can be related back to the real world.

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Additionally, in the weeks leading up to the actual Games, the tributes are put through a thorough cleaning and grooming process and are dressed up in the fanciest Capitol wear even though they are about to be sent to their deaths.

This reflects today’s society because people of all ages today still spend vast sums of money on beauty products and body modification procedures; in fact, the beauty and cosmetics market is worth about $62 billion as of 2016 per .

In an article discussing the negative effects of reality television on adolescents, a Penn State Psychology student wrote, “Several adolescent televisions shows these days are full of fun, partying, fighting, and drama.

Many of these shows can be categorized as reality television shows.” Another aspect of the games in relation to television is the tributes having to put on acts (e.g.

This drastic division in the quality of life and the government’s message of equality is an almost obvious nudge at the state of the real world and touches on the theme of equality versus equity. In addition, the gap between the Capitol and the Districts reflects the gap between the richest one percent and the rest of the population.

For example, right here in America, which claims to be the land of equal opportunity, one can see the obvious distinctions between places such as Compton and Beverly Hills with the cities having a per capita income of roughly ,000 and ,000 respectively according to the U. In an article from BBC News, Oxfam, a confederation of 19 organizations worldwide in a fight against poverty, “…and the other books of the trilogy are some of the most popular books in the dystopian genre, and while this may be largely due to the romantic elements of the story, its success can also be derived from the relatability of the themes touched on in the story.In the case of In the story, the districts are divided based on the good or commodity that they provide for the Capitol.Nevertheless, things get worse than just over-indulging in cosmetics and beauty products in the Capitol and in reality.Although a group of 24 teenage children are being sent to their imminent deaths, the citizens of the Capitol view the Hunger Games as nothing more than a show; the Capitol simply shrugs it off and chalks the practice up to sport.However, this popularity among readers poses the question, what exactly makes this genre so appealing to readers?This may be due to the relatability of the themes and characteristics common in dystopian literature and how they reflect the real world.aqua hair and gold tattoos above her eyebrows.” The citizens of the Capitol are always changing their facial and body features to match the newest Capitol trends even to the point of going through body modification procedures to keep up with these trends and be considered beautiful, handsome, etc.However, not just in the story but also in the real-world people are willing to go to great ends to keep up with all the latest beauty trends; this includes purchasing products or performing actual body modification procedures all for the sake of being considered pretty.Dystopian literature without a doubt has sealed its place as a prominent genre among juvenile and adult readers alike.The genre only continues to grow in popularity and diversity.


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