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The company started its origin in 1960 and now known to be the second largest pizza chain in the United states after Pizza Hut.

The company started its origin in 1960 and now known to be the second largest pizza chain in the United states after Pizza Hut.

Our business continues to grow annually, with new store opening all the time.

To become part of Domino's you need to be as passionate about pizza and providing excellent service as we are.

Domino’s Pizza is a part of Jubilant Food Works Limited and the first store of Domino’s Pizza in India was launched in 1996 in Delhi.

Domino’s Pizza is one of the leading brands for the delivery of delicious pizzas throughout the world including India.

Domino’s is also quick to innovate when it comes to making our customers’ experience more convenient and enjoyable.

We were the first pizza delivery company to offer online and interactive TV ordering and the first to use heated delivery bags.In the United States, the total investment to start the dominos pizza store is around 2650 to 6,700 depending on the type of stores like traditional, nontraditional or transitional.In Indian currency, the investment comes around 65 lakhs to 3.5 crores. The franchisor also issues licenses to sizeable public entertainment or similar facility operators, like stadiums or their concessionaires, to sell approved products for a license fee based on facility sales.Domino’s has more people working in IT than anywhere else in the company, he said.“It was pretty clear to us that customers, how they were going to be ordering from us in the future was going to change,” Doyle said.That meant developing new ways for customers to order.“I think one of the coolest is being able to place an order using a pizza emoji [using Twitter],” Domino’s Chief Digital Officer Dennis Maloney said. The other really big advantage though that we have for our model is it delivers well.Some opportunities still exist for the right candidates.Our world-class training programmes, coupled with the consistent food quality that comes courtesy of our award winning foodservice team, means that franchisees are equipped with the skills and ingredients that they need to become pizza delivery experts in their own right.Allison, who led the company’s international business before he was promoted to CEO, talks about that international growth and what it means to the business.And he discusses the chain’s digital efforts and how the company can continue to make it easier for consumers to order pizza.It took another decade before it fully moved into the 21st century.“In 2009, we decided that technology was going to be a big deal,” Doyle said.


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