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The majority of existing DNA extraction methods rely on long incubation and multiple precipitations or commercially available kits to produce contaminant-free high molecular weight DNA.In this study, we compared three different methods used for the isolation of high-quality genomic DNA from the grains of cereal crop, Zea mays, with minor modifications.Therefore, the aim of this study was to compare quality and quantity of DNA isolated using three different extraction methods.

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CTAB is a cationic surfactant added in the DNA extraction buffer, which dissociates and selectively precipitates DNA from histone proteins [27].

The lignification of cereal cell walls makes its degradation difficult and thus limits DNA extraction.

Typical yields are 3–30 μg of high-quality DNA, depending on the samples used.

The purification of DNA using the DNeasy Plant Mini Kit method was modified to simplify the protocol and maximize DNA yield.

Most of the DNA extraction methods are modified versions of cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) extraction with some crop-to-crop limitations and differ in time and cost.

The main cause of the differences in the CTAB protocol is the composition of cell walls and intracellular components such as nucleus mitochondria and cellulose.

Pure and rapid DNA extraction is a pre-requisite for most advanced techniques such as genetic mapping, fingerprinting, marker-assisted selection, and for evaluating authenticity of exported cereal varieties.

The extraction of high-quality DNA from plant tissue is time consuming, arduous, and costly due to multiple steps and the high cost of liquid nitrogen.

The extraction of good quality DNA with a high yield is a limiting factor in plants’ genetic analysis.

DNA quality from each line should be consistent to allow a proper genetic analysis from several plant individuals.


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