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It is written as one paragraph that contains all the data in brief. The study shows that high level of stress is proved to correlate with bigger consumption of high-sugar and high-fat foods, especially among the women population.

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These traits were not found essentially influential predictors themselves.

The findings show that the correlation between stress and unhealthy eating was therefore overemphasized, as personality traits may undermine the correlation between these occurrences.

This part of the thesis is needed to make the reader familiar with the content that will be expanded further.

Thesis synopsis sample is a short text and comprises 150-175 words.

This give an adequate knowledge of the topic, it helps to have critical appraisal of ideas n ad hypothesis that are raised in the literature and also those th at get generated in your mind. This actually helps in design of protocol of the study.

It also informs you if the topic has been researched in past and which aspect was researched.

Time spent on this aspect will pay the maximum dividends in better quality project and less time wasted in performing project. be realistic about time How does one evaluate: A check list noted below helps to evaluate Yourself Design suits your personality Build current knowledge and skill Further career / goals Interest – yours Literature Literature base? Be careful in the word you choose, loose use of words can mean distortion of actual meaning – terminology should be taken care o ff. There should be logic in progression from identification of problem o f raising formal question.

Question should general questions and then come down to specific aspects. write down all the ideas that get generated in your mind b . The writing should be logical and scientific, we should be alert that we are creating a documents that will be analyzed by peers and also utilized by them to enhance the knowledge base. Why the topic is significant – this can be raised and answered based on your experience, prevalence in the current scenario and also mention the impact on the community of the study.

A referenced population contained 203 self-selected adults, aged 18-40 years old.

The methods included an on-line questionnaire, which consisted of a Perceived Stress Scale, a 12-item Food Frequency questionnaire, and the International Personality Item Pool. Personality type was not proved to significantly determine the dependence between food and stress as it was hypothesized.


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