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Similarly, it is possible to infringe copyright even when you have given careful attribution. copyright law does not require citation in a particular form.In addition to resolving the copyright issues, you must follow attribution norms within your discipline in order to avoid plagiarizing others' work. However, following academic citation norms can help improve your fair use analysis.

The University of Michigan Library Copyright Office provides help with copyright questions for University of Michigan faculty, staff and students.

Please email us with questions or visit our website for more information.

There are four factors to consider when determining whether your use is a fair one.

You must consider all the factors, but not all the factors have to favor fair use for the use to be fair.

When you use a work licensed under one of the Creative Commons licenses, you need to comply with the license requirements (unless your use is otherwise permitted, e.g., by fair use). Using the work without giving attribution means you do not meet the legal conditions of the license.

However, the licenses are deliberately flexible about the requirements for that attribution.For more information on these subjects, please see our Copyright Basics and Obtaining Copyright Permissions guides.In addition to the copyright issues, it is also vital to follow attribution norms within your discipline.In some cases, an existing license may cover your use.In others, you will need to get a new license from the copyright holder.You also don't need permission if you are using it in a way that does not implicate one of the rights of copyright holders or is permitted by a user’s right, such as fair use.If none of these circumstances applies, you need a license to use the work.The Best Practices for Attribution are outlined on the Creative Commons wiki.Our guide to Creative Commons licenses has more information on this topic.Copyright infringement and plagiarism are related but distinct concepts.Plagiarism is using the work of another without attribution.


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