Dissertation Grades

Questioning is restricted to members of the graduate faculty, and the vote of the examining committee will be conducted in private.After the candidate has passed the oral examination, the doctoral candidates will submit their dissertation in electronic form.

Each graduate unit has adopted a procedure for the preparation of a dissertation prospectus.

This document will normally include an outline of the parameters of the projected dissertation topic with a statement of the problem to be undertaken, the procedure or methodology to be used in the research, a preliminary review of the literature substantiating the need for the study, and the principle sources of information for the dissertation.

The dissertation must demonstrate that the student has acquired the ability to conduct research in a discriminating and original manner.

The dissertation should make a significant enough contribution to the field in which it is written that at least one scholarly article suitable for publication in a professional journal may be derived from it or that the findings of the dissertation would be otherwise publishable.

Dissertations are not graded, and the GPA includes only course grades. The GPA is understood to refer only to courses, so the GPA is also not considered important.

For the most part, people do not care about course grades in Ph. In particular, it is not viewed as a summary score for the whole program, but rather only for the initial coursework.

The responsibility for conducting the examination itself will be that of an impartial moderator selected from a department other than that of the student’s major or minor.

The defense of the dissertation is open to the university community.

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