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Make sure to be as specific as you can, and always connect each point you mention back to how it relates to you.While topics pertaining to academics and research opportunities can be easily found through a comprehensive search on the university’s website, it may be helpful to speak to students of the university pertaining to the latter two categories.

Be sure to reflect on how these experiences influenced your beliefs and values, and try to connect this to how you view the role of the physician.

You might discuss the humanity of patients, and how they are people first.2.

Was there a time during which you had to stand up for someone whom you might not otherwise interact with?

Perhaps you spent an extended time abroad and learned a new language or culture.

Describe any circumstances indicative of some hardship, such as, but not limited to, financial difficulties, personal or family illness, a medical condition, a death in the immediate family or educational disadvantage. Consider adding in how you see yourself practicing that portion of medicine in the future.

Here are some broad aspects of medicine which you can discuss: direct patient care, procedural practice (for example surgery), medical research (basic science and clinical), patient advocacy, medical education, global health.UChicago admissions also stands out for another reason: the UChicago supplement is known for its quirky and challenging prompts. The prompt does not provide a word limit, so in this case we recommend that your essay ranges from 650-750 words.This may sound like a lot to write, but it actually provides you more space to really dig into the reasons for why you are applying.The honor code for the Texas A&M College of Medicine is: “A Texas A&M medical student is a professional who exhibits leadership, honesty, integrity, compassion, respect and self-discipline.” Please briefly discuss what activities or personal attributes demonstrate best that you would be a good custodian of our honor code (3500 character maximum).Brainstorm your personal attributes and experiences which fit with this honor code. When discussing the hardship, be sure that the wording does not make you sound like a victim, as this can reflect poorly.Be sure to specifically address at least most if not all of the components: leadership, honesty, integrity, compassion, respect and self-discipline. Consider choosing anecdotes from your experiences you have previously listed. If talking about personal or family hardship, describe how it was a challenge but focus on what it taught you and how you overcame it. OPTIONAL QUESTION: List the area (or areas) of medicine that appeals to you and briefly explain.Specific experiences will be stronger than general assertions about your strengths.3. If choosing an interpersonal dispute, be sure to paint it in an objective manner without maligning the other person or negatively depicting yourself. (Limit your explanation to 50 words or 250 characters for each area of interest you list.) Do not leave blank. Identify a few components of medical practice which specifically interest you and explain why they do.One way you can approach this essay is by dividing your “reasons” into four categories: academics, research/internship opportunities, extracurriculars, and campus life.For each of these categories, find one or two points to talk about.Use this opportunity to reveal all of your different interests—both academic and non-academic—as the university really supports the idea of students who are diverse in their passions and have the drive to incorporate them into their college career.It’s not a surprise to find a break dancer who is also doing research in infinitesimal calculus or a chemistry major working on an independent journalism project.


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