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But there is also another problem that is hunting the most passionate and skilful student writers. When you are dealing with dozens of essays regularly, you are risking getting bored.

You may get stuck in the swamp of routine, basic phrases, and common formulas.

Go through all the arguments you have and choose the most relevant ones and those that have enough supporting facts.

The outline works perfectly for those writers who have lots of various arguments, and their topic is too complicated to be discovered with just a few simple statements.

There should be a focused and effective usage of your writing language.

This is the key point for argument building and creation the entire sense of the essay structure.Actually, you should not just improve and build your vocabulary, but also to learn to use it properly. You use words to express your thoughts and feelings, and in case your vocabulary is improved, you can express it better and in the most complicated way.Broader vocabulary can make your essay a real piece of art and without long and confused sentences and forms.We just mean that reading and inspiration walk together.It is just on some subconscious level of forming your skills while reading other essays.And once again, do not repeat your words over and over again.Some people use such words as “also” and “actually” too often.It will work both your essay structure, arguments list, and a writing map.You can write a short summary of all the arguments that you have for your essay.Also, you should read essays on other topics and subjects.Get all the essay types possible and try to learn their formats.


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