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Angelou's self-consciousness and nervousness causes her to forget her speech, and a subsequent loss of bodily functions, at which time she escapes from her context to imagine how much better her existence would be as the complete antithesis of how God created her: The above excerpt is a critical inclusion in this section for the benefit of my colleagues all around the world, as I believe in the importance of exposing an epidemic of negative self-esteem that pervades black females at a very early age.Since Celie is a fictive character, I don't want a dismissal of the reality that this disease which affects the most famous and influential African-American women in American history.I wish to examine how Oprah Winfrey's production of the Broadway adaptation cultivated a wave of newfound awareness, appreciation and investment in live musical theatre for African-Americans.

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The third and final dimension of my research will entail an examination of the three media in which the story of The Color Purple can be found and the implications of the characteristics of each medium for adaptation.

First, I will facilitate an in-depth study of the lives of Celie and Fantasia, specifically within the broader context of Fantasia's autobiographical account, Life is Not a Fairy Tale, and the book and film The Color Purple, in which Celie is the major female protagonist who serves as the first person limited omniscient narrator (CPFG).

My matriculation through the University of Illinois-Urbana under Joanna Mc Clay and Kay Holley exposed me to a course of study quietly nestled within the college of communications formally entitled Performance Studies.

The Performance Studies discipline was also lauded as Literary School of Oral Interpretation.

My perusal of both books and The Color Purple film have revealed some critical similarities that I believe my male and female students will have a vested interest in exploring.

I will explore these similarities, categorizing them under one of three motifs: Self-Esteem, Generational Curses, and The Illumination of the Gift.Celie had the same battle, and it is important to examine the similarities and differences in their experiences and responses.Fantasia confesses early on in her autobiography that her self-esteem was terribly low, due to her looks.The following excerpt is from Angelou's autobiographical book, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, the first and most famous of a six-part autobiographical series.Angelou begins her story with this anecdote, at her childhood church with her giving an Easter speech at the age of six years old.My girls especially need to have exposure to the Fantasia's factual and Celie's fictive life.Exposure will enable them to recognize the efficacious and powerful connection this American Idol and literary protagonist share, validating their own real world experiences.This is the place where I found my academic and artistic niche that served as the foundation of my teaching practices as a theatre, reading, and now literacy educator.I have been well aware of how performative embodiment cultivates an intimacy with literature that fosters a transcendental and vested understanding of the text.With this as my inspiration, I want to use my twenty-five year old relationship with Alice Walker's The Color Purple from its original literary inception to its adaptation from movie to musical to facilitate an in-depth understanding of the themes that run through the story, while illustrating how adaptations keep the work alive and timeless.This curriculum unit will increase my preparation for a literacy rich fifth-grade classroom environment with performance by enabling me to flesh out and structure my curriculum in a way that creates a concrete connection between the in multiple installations of The Color Purple and the real world in which my students live.


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