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At the initial stage of this system, it only involved racial quotes but now it has been considering different factors such as gender, sexual status, and economic backgrounds (Moore).

The two US states that are considered as a pioneer for implementing affirmative actions are Texas and California, because they have forcefully implemented affirmative action in their system.

An associate justice named Clarence Thomas said that his law degree was not valuable in front of the employees, because he was black.

According to a South African judge, significance of law degree from Yale was different for black people and different for white people.

Some policymakers try to increase minority students in their colleges by applying different methods, in which the most common method is to guarantee a particular percentage of students to get admission in their colleges.

In some colleges, students gaining top marks are guaranteed to get admission as they deserve to get admission in their desired colleges or universities.

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Introduction The practices of different institutions for giving priority to the ethnic minorities, women, or students are known as Affirmative Action.

Background and History The affirmative action can be evaluated based on its wider context, but history of this system is only documented for education and academic terms.

The President of USA signed an executive order in 1961, where affirmative action used as a term related to civil rights.


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