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For Senior Honors Theses, the grading scale is High Honors, Honors, or Creditable. Candidates for University Honors may be nominated by the COL faculty if they have received departmental High Honors for the thesis, and satisfied other criteria.

I was encouraged to read beyond the facts, to make my own assumptions and to prove and disprove theories.

Another shock was for me that now - for the first time - my opinion actually mattered.

Eligibility for departmental High Honors requires the completion of a Senior Thesis.

A Senior Essays or other one-semester project must be judged at the same time as Honors Theses, and Senior Essay writers will be eligible for Departmental Honors.

Tutorials are a fantastic way to explore ideas and get new perspectives.

They develop your ability to think for yourself – an essential skill for academic success and something that the best employers look for in Oxford graduates.Oxford's core teaching is based around conversations, normally between two or three students and their tutor, who is an expert on that topic.We call these tutorials, and it's your chance to talk in-depth about your subject and to receive individual feedback on your work. My team and I work privately with a small number of students each year, and we’d love to work with you. I'm Ethan Sawyer, the College Essay Guy, and my goal is to bring more ease, joy and purpose into the college admissions process. By providing personal statement and college application tips and step-by-step help, I've helped thousands of students on their journey to college. Get My Free Guide to Writing a Personal Statement One-on-One I've been helping students tell their stories for more than 10 years, and listening with unconditional positive regard is at the heart of my coaching philosophy.The award of Departmental Honors is determined by the COL faculty on the basis of 1) Evaluation of the Senior Thesis or Essay; 2) Overall performance in COL courses; 3) Performance on the Junior Comprehensive exams.A student becomes a candidate for Departmental Honors by registering for the Honors Program through the office of the University Registrar.Suggested length for a senior thesis is 65-100 pages.Suggested lenght for a senior essay is 30-40 pagees.Tutorials normally last about an hour, during which the tutor will give you, and typically one or two tutorial partners, feedback on prepared work on a particular topic.They may also use the opportunity to introduce a new topic and discuss this.


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