Chinese Exclusion Act Essay

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Indeed, the most recent census data indicates that they have median household incomes and educational levels higher than their White counterparts.

While problems of discrimination still exist, they are mild compared to those reported in Harper’s Weekly over a century ago.

White workers viewed them as economic competitors and racial inferiors, thereby stimulating the passage of discriminatory laws and the commission of widespread acts of violence against the Chinese.

According to John Higham: No variety of anti-European sentiment has ever approached the violent extremes to which anti-Chinese agitation went in the 1870s and 1880s.Such separations made it difficult to maintain strong family ties.As the annual quota of 105 immigrants indicates, America’s immigration policy was restrictive and particularly discriminatory against Chinese and other Asians.Lynching, boycotts, and mass expulsions…harassed the Chinese. " an anti-Chinese movement emerged that worked assiduously to deprive the Chinese of a means of making a living in the general economy.The movement’s goal was to drive them out of the country.At the end of the 20Today, Chinese-Americans are doing relatively well.They are generally seen as hard-working professionals or small business people, with stable families.In these ghettos, they managed to eke out a meager existence, but were isolated from the rest of the population, making it difficult if not impossible to assimilate into mainstream society.To add insult to injury, Chinese were criticized for their alleged unassimilability.Chinese men were forced to live lonely bachelor lives in the almost all-male society that was Chinatown.Meanwhile, wives and children were forced to remain in China, supported by remittances from the United States and rarely seeing their husbands and fathers.


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