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In fact, often a student’s quiz grade will be within a few points of their test grade.On the flip side, many students are not happy with their lower average due to frequent quiz grades.

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I spend the first few minutes of the next class addressing any questions students have concerning the latest homework problems, with the understanding that I won’t just rework every problem.

The quizzes are very basic, nothing tricky, and very much related to the homework.

As I mentioned earlier, I do allow retakes this year, a student can come to my room during our “Boost” time and retake the quiz to improve their grade or they can complete a corresponding IXL.

But, I can understand a student becoming demoralized if they repeatedly have to retake a quiz or complete an IXL.

I don’t miss the time I spent walking around the room looking at homework, I always felt like that was wasted time even if I put a bell ringer or an assignment up for them to do while I checked it.

The time I used to spend checking homework is now used for giving the homework quiz.

I made sure that the students knew the responses were anonymous (Google survey) and I had no way of knowing who submitted what response. There were students who said (about 16%) that they would prefer to have their homework checked in the more traditional way.

However, the majority of students stated that they preferred homework quizzes to homework checks.

I have begun to allow students to retake quizzes in addition to the option of completing a corresponding activity at IXL.

I resisted doing this initially because I thought I would be overrun with students wanting to retake their quizzes, but that has not been the case.


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