Cattle Business Plan Template

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Is there an aspect that’s not available in the marketplace?Watch: Three Farmers: 5 lessons to take your product from field to shelf Identify your industry and describe its overall size, growth stage and patterns.

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Elements of a business plan include: Ownership of feeder cattle or custom feeding arrangements should be clearly identified in this section, as the content of subsequent elements of your business plan will be affected by this major decision.

Custom feeding arrangements will be formalized, with a written contract outlining the responsibilities of both the cattle feeder and investor.

For start-ups: include projected financial statements for the first three years of operation and a monthly cash-flow forecast covering at least 24 months.

Get: Ag Expert Analyst: Accounting software built for the farm Describe your product or service and what makes it marketable.

You’ll also need to identify key employees, benefits, labour policy and a succession plan (if applicable).

Use: Agri HR Toolkit (Canadian Agricultural Resource Centre) For existing businesses: include financial statements from the past five years and a monthly cash-flow forecast covering at least 12 months.A business plan identifies risk factors for each operation, and allows producers to evaluate alternatives to 100-per-cent ownership of feeder cattle and manage their risk accordingly.Risk management strategies form a critical component of the business plan, and will be reviewed by lenders and other stakeholders when assessing the financial viability of backgrounding cattle.A business plan identifies requirements for financing capital items, such as feeding pens, handling facilities and feeding equipment, or sourcing operating credit or financing feeder cattle purchases.In addition, development of the business plan formalizes production practices, such as feeding and health management programs, and describes the marketing program for cattle at the completion of the backgrounding phase.Find: Canadian food supplier directories (AAFC) Describe your marketing plan and distribution channels.Include the steps for attracting and retaining customers (if applicable).Backgrounding is a feeding program that targets weight gain in feeder cattle to develop the skeleton and muscle tissue of the animals while minimizing fat deposition.Backgrounding diets typically include high levels of forages and often include limited amounts of cereal grains and various by-products of grain production.Research: Industry, markets and trade (AAFC) Describe the ownership structure.Include each owner’s qualifications, history and your management reporting structure.


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