Case Study On Motivation And Leadership

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The Hellespont hit the mythological headlines a long time ago. The Hellespont has a nasty current ripping down the middle of it and a reputation for chewing up ships. Hero was a priestess of Aphrodite, and sworn to perpetual celibacy. Just as in most relationships, ancient and modern, the bloke did all the travelling.Leander, who lived on the Asian side, had the misfortune to fall in love with Hero, who lived in Europe. She held out a lantern, and he swam each night towards it. One night the wind blew out the lantern and that current took Leander out into the Aegean. The heartbroken Hero had the decency to hurl herself into the Hellespont and the myth was born.He has organised most of the successful attempts on the Hellespont in recent years. We lumbered over to municipal pools and floundered up and down.

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Huseyin met us, mapped out the route (head on into the current for a mile, and then a gentle swim home), made us eat moussaka and vitamin pills, told the barman not to serve us any beer, and booked our early morning calls for us so that we had no excuses.

With the dawn came renewed incredulity at our stupidity.

What other aspects of personal motivation and achievement can you see in the story?

How might lessons and examples within this story be transferred to yourself, to employees and organisations?

The Turkish authorities don't like the idea of Englishmen's bodies choking the propellers of container ships, and insist on lots of permits.

The man to sort all this out is Huseyin, whose long, white wispy hair makes him look like a mammalian anemone.

It had all started in London over the umpteenth bottle of Bulgarian red.

For a long time, I said, I had wanted to swim the Hellespont - the narrow channel between the sea of Marmara and the Aegean.

Interaction: Read some comments of other learners and react to them when you agree or disagree.

The At LETy C project - aims at top-ranking athletes and their need to know about business.


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