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Cultural Foresight Sport optimised: Pan-regional case study content partnership “Sports Optimised’ showcasing MSFT Cloud customers Renault F1, Benfica Football and golf technology in print, video, online and interactive infographic.Cheapo is designated the "All-American Beer" and is a staple at tailgate parties.Bourgeois markets its product as brewed fresh from mountain water.An interview is your opportunity to show us how you think.We use case-based interviews so we can see how you approach specific business problems, marshalling data and your own experiences to reach and defend a conclusion.We are evaluating two beer-brewing companies, Cheapo Beer Company and Bourgeois Beer, Inc.Cheapo and Bourgeois are competitors; both have been reporting similar revenues over the last five years showing steady growth.Each event was filmed, covered and shared across uk.Cultural Foresight Audi Innovation awards: A five-month campaign that identified and celebrated the most innovative startups from around the world.Our clients are located in Corvallis, Oregon, to the northeast in New York, to the south in Florida and Texas, and great clients in California.We are honored to serve such a wide variety of industries.


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