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But, you should immediately begin to market yourself and your business separate from your broker. When you haven't done it before, some of the data items you need in order to budget and plan your marketing activities are quite difficult to come by.Get to know the other agents in your office, listen and ask questions. Don't just believe it's right because a veteran tells you so.

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Goal: $75,000 in revenue by end of 2015 Priorities: Capture 100 leads per month with a website within 3 months, Prospect from 9am to 11am everyday starting now, and Send 5 piece of mail to every expired listing starting now Do you see how all of those tasks have a deadline associated with them?

That will hold you accountable and help you see better results with your marketing.

Their average commission income can't support full-time activity.

Or, they're part-timers, but they make even less money because it's very difficult to schedule customer contact and help when you have another job.

At the end of the day, it comes down to execution on these ideas.

And the execution really does differ if you’re just starting out.The final thing you have to do with your real estate business plan is put the nuts & bolts together.This is the section where you take your three big priorities and layout how they will be achieved.Did you print your business plan or download it to your computer?Beginning a new career as a real estate agent is exciting and you'll want to hit the ground running.The one thing I can't stress strongly enough to new entrants into real estate practice is that you are independent contractors. Just because the law says or you choose to hang your license with a broker, you do not want to become only a piece of that broker's business and marketing.Sure, you want to take advantage of the services and marketing offered by your broker.For example, a person who is focusing on capturing 50 web leads for month might have the following 5 strategies for their priority: Here’s a hint: The articles we write at Easy Agent Pro are usually strategy based. Simply go look for 5 Easy Agent Pro articles, and you’ll instantly have 5 strategies to implement to achieve your social media goals.Bonus: If you really want to make progress with this real estate business plan, you’ll want to establish deadlines for everything on your plan.I highly recommend using a real estate crm, calendar, and project management system to stay on point.There are simply too many things to do as a business owner.


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